Protect your on-boarding process

For every 10 000 customer on-boardings there are about 200 attempts of
Identity Theft.

FaceFalcon™ Liveness Test process:

  • Scan Face
  • Say Numbers
  • Move Head
  • Ready

Defend against new and emerging attacks

  • Mask and Photo Attacks

    The simplest of Identity Theft attacks involve use of photographs which are either printed on high-quality printers or 3D printed masks. 

    FaceFalcon™ Liveness Test process is designed to intercept this type of attacks, providing smooth and secure user experience.   

  • Video attacks

    A high-sophistication Identity Theft attack, when attacker has obtained a video of the victim's on-boarding process. This type of attacks happen particularly to well-off individuals who are some of your most valuable customers.

    Uniqul has a solution to intercept these kind of attacks, preventing unnecessary litigation. 

  • Deep-Fake Attacks

    The most sophisticated type of Identity Theft attack, is the one which uses an engineered video of a user performing a Identity Verification procedure. These attacks are particularly difficult to detect due to an emerging technology of Video Deep-Fakes.

    Uniqul has a solution which allows to intercept these kind of attacks on on-boarding process.

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